Sunday, May 01, 2016

Day 30 of 30 - You Came Home Suddenly

Day 30 of 30 Use titles from a poetry book and the last lines of poems to write a poem. Use two books from two different authors. It's not important to use the titles or sentences completely. Also try to write a longer poem with longer lines.

To be honest it took about two days to wrap this one up. And you can see that I didn't use all the titles and sentences. It could do with some work especially at the end.

Titles of poems taken from Nic Sebastian's Forever Will End on Thursday:
we were ten, place of happiness, song of youth, the night dancers, of thirst and decay, what is broken,
the jungle and bungalow, you never thought, This is the box I leave it to you, she came home suddenly, April, the brimstone butterfly, homecoming

Last lines taken from Gerard Smyth's A New Tenancy:
The black raincloud is like a mascara stain, snow on the eyelids is the ash of the wind, the first day of the world, you are close enough to hear the black kettle singing

You Came Home Suddenly
When we were ten you said,
"This is the box I leave it to you."
I never thought you could fill it with so much
You filled it to the brim with our lives
with belts and buttons. Books and binders.
Microphones and wires, found keys,
a comb with your hair stuck in its teeth.
But you said there were some things that could not fit
like the guitar glued to the corner with your music
Drumsticks that found their way into drawers and wardrobes
Surfboards, amplifiers, a MIDI keyboard hidden under the bed.
In your room shadows pinned to the walls like pictures
And around the house stray plectrums scurried like beetles.
Then one summer a black raincloud
hovered over our house like a mascara stain
And we sealed up the windows and doors 
so bees could not get into the house but bees got in our breath
and in our lungs, and into our cups and cupboards.
And the news of your homecoming spread unsettling the starlings
and upsetting the brimstone butterflies out in your garden.
That night we discovered what snow on our eyelids feels like and what it's
like to sleep in the spare room next to the kitchen
close enough to hear the kettle singing.