Friday, April 01, 2016

Day 1 of 30 Two Lunes for One

Four poems already written (one is hidden in my notebook) and it's only day one. I'm taking this prompt from and it suggests to write a lune. Robert Kelly's lune is three lines with a syllable count of 5,3,5. Jack Collom's lune is three lines with a word count of 3,5,3. I'm still keeping omit 'a' in mind for today. 

Spring is Coming (Robert Kelly)
Sun melts through winter,
Spring eyes shine, 
No need for my fleece. 

L is for Lune (Jack Collom)
Lions lie low
Lemon lilies light lilac hills
Linseed licks loins. 


Toirdealbhach Ó Lionáird said...

Good stuff T*idgh. I like the lipogr*m idea.

I'm off the m*rk myself. Short but there.

Talk soon and keep it up!

Taidgh Lynch said...

Cheers! It's going well. Going to visit your blog properly soon. Nice to see you enjoyed the poem.