Monday, April 04, 2016

Day 2 of 30 - Omit B and a Verbatim Poem

Omit B
Water Chariot
He swishes a pole
lifts his lanky arms
up over reeds.
His freckles rest
high on winter cheeks.
His skinny legs take him
to water's edge
where his eyes widen,
"Look a log! It can
take me over lake!"

The Gecko's Belly
If all material were transparent
the ground that supports us
the envelope that sheathes our body
everything would be seen
not as a fluttering of impalpable wings
but as an inferno of grinding and ingesting.
Perhaps at this moment a god of the nether world
situated in the centre of the earth
with his eye that can pierce granite
is watching us from below,
following the cycle of the living and dying,
the lacerated victims dissolving in the bellies
of their devourers, until they, in their turn,
are swallowed by another belly.

Verbatim poetry taken from The Faber Book of Science - The Gecko's Belly page 396. Omitting the B changed the poem too much. So I didn't bother. A verbatim poem is a found poem but you don't change anything other than adding punctuation and structure. Check out some more verbatim poems here