Friday, April 08, 2016

Day 7 of 30 - Omit H and E - Random Words

Today I omit "g" and while I'm at it I omit "e". To make it more interesting I used these words: tooth, plastic, moth, paddock, tail, soup, waltz, cup, sorrow. 

What Can I Find?
I found your tooth today
It's on the cupboard
I'll wrap it up
for you in plastic.

What do you wish for?

I can wish it for you.
A cupboard with moths
A purple paddock
A lump in my throat
A coat for autumn
A warm oxtail soup.

I can waltz with you in forest,
Only if you want to.
I can drink sorrow
From your cup
But I don't want to
It's cold and sour.

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