Friday, April 29, 2016

Day 29 of 30 A Terrible Poem

Day 29 This month there are lot of prompts about finding words or phrases that stand out to the reader. I decided to go against this and find some terrible writing.  I came across this excellent bit of literature yesterday and decided to turn it into a Verbatim poem. A Verbatim poem is when you keep the text you just add a poetic structure. I like the way the words are laid out on the cover. I'll let you decide if it's poetry. A little warning - it's awful!

The Handshake
The elevator door slid open 
smoothly at the fifth floor.
Eddie Mancuso stood 
in front of him
small, compact, 
dark-eyed, smiling.
'Hello, Kelly,' he said, 
and held out his hand.
Without thinking, 
only his widening eyes
betraying his surprise.
Kelly accepted the grip.
He shook Eddie's hand. 
He felt a faint prick, 
as if he 
had been stung 
by an ant.
He stared down 
with horror at his palm.
A tiny red mark 
glowed there,
where the pin had penetrated 
Kelly felt 
his scrotum shrivel
and his bowels 
heave up...

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