Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Day 21/22 of 30- Play with Syllables

Got to catch up putting up my poems from my notebooks.

Day 21 Write a four line poem with 5 syllables in each line

Universal Man 
He sat on a bench
inviting a stare
the palm of his hand
a fiery planet.

Day 22. Write a ten line poem with 10 syllables per line. Out of the word jar pick ten words. In the order pulled out of the jar write a word in each line.

Words for the body of the poem: mouth, balloon, fire, clock, cappuccino, pebble, brain, horse, mosquito, web

Two words for the title: comet, mist

A Comet Has Told of You Through the Mist
I have heard it come from the horses mouth
You sent a balloon up to the heavens
Like a Grecian God with hands of fire,
You synced our lungs up to a racing clock.
Cappuccino shared at a monitor
watching the moon turn into a pebble,
while they wired your brain, the time misfiring
they said that we had backed the losing horse.
A mosquito flew in through the window
Our memories spun from a spider's web.

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