Monday, April 18, 2016

Day 15 of 30 Waiting for News

Day 15 of 30 Doing a lot of writing just slow putting it up. Left one of my notebooks in my mother's house so I've got of a lot of material to work with there. Just missing some of it here. This year the challenge of writing a poem a day has been difficult. Lots of ideas have been going through my head just putting it down in actual drafts has been difficult.

Okay the 14 and the 15 of April was when the Titanic ran into trouble 104 years ago and sank. This was my attempt to write something about it.

Waiting for News
We take cuttings from the paper
glue his face to our wall
When was he last here?
When did you see him?
What was he wearing?
What were his last words?
And we check news desks
scour bulletin boards
line up, make his life
our business. Is it by chance
that we have already said goodbye
or are we just waiting to say it?

Last night we woke in a panic
they said they had seen him
but they hadn't. They do not
know that he is gone.

They hand us paper cups of coffee
as we collect day old sandwiches
and study our faces
find new lines burrowing in our brows.

Who are our neighbours?
we count them for days
they say they will keep on searching
and, "Do you have news?"

But we have no news
we sit stewing in our silence
the Atlantic Ocean breathes on us
the salt spray stings our ears
and we sit and wait.

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