Friday, April 15, 2016

Day 13 of 30 What Do You See Outside Your Window?

Rural Farm House. Find it here

Day 13 I had it in my mind to write something about superstitions and luck. Thought a lot about it and even walked under two ladders to get inspiration but not much materialised. Such is poetry. If it wants to be written it'll come my way again. So I wrote a poem based on what I saw outside my window. Not much, but I liked the perspective. The window being the window in my classroom.

Window View
You look through the window
You see a field, a line of trees hugging a stone wall.
You spot a tiny lamb, a little calf,
a drove of miniature cattle.
You ask, how do they do it?
How do they shape the world from clay?
How do they pour and cure resin?
How does one breathe life into something so small?
Your eyes focus on a farmer no bigger than your thumb
he moves over a hill,  rounds up sheep the same size
as buttons on your shirt.
And you remember as a child playing
in your room surrounded by plastic animals,
a sheepdog, a horse, a brood of hens.
You made them talk and sing
about your life and what it would be.

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