Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day 11 of 30 What Do You Name a Tea?

For Day 11 I searched for different tea names and used them to make a poem.

Here's the list of teas:
Cloud and Mist
Green Snail Spring
Gunpowder Tea
Dragon Mountain
Melon Seed
Monkey King
Sweet Dew
Big Red Robe
Yellow Mountain Fur Peak
Golden Marine Turtle
Jasmine Dragon Pear
Iron Goddess of Mercy
Frozen Summit
White Rooster
Silver Needle
Tribute Eyebrow
Water Fairy

Teas Have Names
I heaped a spoon of white rooster into a cup
sprinkled in a dragon mountain, added clouds and mist.
How long do you wait for a green snail spring
or the sweet dew of a frozen summit?
Who invents gunpowder to brew
and who drinks a golden marine turtle?

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