Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Day 6 of 30 Animals on a Train - Omit F

Animals On a Train
They would never bring an elephant here. She would not like the turnstile. I imagine they might say, "Animals on the underground?"

I once saw a chihuahua in a woman's purse, it yapped at me. And I glimpsed a parrot on a train. Now imagine a python on a train, I don't think pythons give up seats so easily.

I saw Samuel L. Jackson once from a distance, on the Piccadly line, he held the handrail tightly. 

And everyday I see the same passengers. The man with a golden case, the boy with a new beret. The woman who lives on the phone. The old man with one eye. 

Dog-eared posters advertise cat litter as we enter another dark universe. Did you know we have 27,375 days to live. We choose to spend them travelling down escalators, traipsing through stations, entering and exiting sliding doors. 

And yet we welcome these days in our tubes and tunnels. Animals on a train. 

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