Saturday, March 12, 2016

Digital Butter -Dream 11/03/2016

I have a packet of butter in my hand. On the packaging a picture of a woman smiles out at me. Rolling hills, bright sky, the distant sun. I put my fingers over her face and I change her face. Make her look surprised. No problem - drag and enlarge her eyes. Make her look happier - widen the smile. Photoshop. Buttershop.

Why not make a short film clip? No problem. A five second film. The background floating behind her, her smile widening. You know this deserves to be a short film. Click, click, click, click, click. There you have it - a thirty minute film of a woman grinning on butter. Let's go further. Why not? Make it a TV series start with a first season, who knows it might run on to ten. Put a different episode on packets of butter. What an ingenius idea! Butter will sell. It will fly out of the shops. It will sail out the windows.

But something doesn't feel right. What now? Someone is touching my face. Clicking chopping, pasting, dragging, deleting. And why can't I stop smiling? And why can't I go further than I want? Have I been Buttershopped?

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