Friday, February 26, 2016

The Things We Find On A Walk - Dream 25/02/16

My friends and I decided to go for a walk along the coast. We took the dog, a brown boxer named Pippa. We walked along the pier. Someone mentioned that the pier in New York stretched out far into  the sea. On our left we saw the bones of tankers, yachts and ocean liners. 

The dog ran ahead and we spotted disused fishing rods. Some of the lines were caught on rocks. We made the discovery of a fish still on the end of a line. It seemed like they were in a hurry or were not even bothered to reel up their catch. 

The boxer was sniffing around. I pulled a saltshaker out of my pocket and poured all the salt into my mouth. A friend of mine found a cabinet of records and we began arguing about who would keep what. Then I discovered The Deaftones and Leftfield. My friend Cian put up his hand and said, "The Deaftones are mine." I gave them all to him and started to climb a wall of spaghetti. 

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