Monday, February 22, 2016

The King's Towel - Dream 18/02/16

The king's towel had been stolen. Now no one had seen the royal towel but talk of its beauty had travelled far. It must be spun from gold and silk or layered with jewels thought some. The king's court was frantic. Pandemonium ensued. Everyone placed the blame on the other.

The king's subjects were brought before the throne and asked the simple question, "Was it you who stole the royal towel?" The answer was an emphatic no each time. 

When it came my turn I answered, "Yes your majesty, it was I that took your towel." 

The hall erupted. 


"He must die for this!"

"Silence," roared the king. And he gave the command to go on. 

"It took me many months of perfecting  the perfect plan. I designed a trapdoor under your private chambers and under the dead of night I snatched the towel from the golden towel rail." 

I waved the royal towel in the air. It was brown and tattered. Nothing but a rag. 

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sean said...

Whoa, you have good dreams.