Tuesday, April 07, 2015

6/30 Do Not

Do Not
Do not sing in the shower you might slip and bang your head
Do not collect two hundred when you pass go
Do not dance in the rain
Do not sky dive, you might snap your neck
Do not go over sixty, you might hit a wall and die
Do not dream, keep your hands to yourself at all times
Do not go out at night, and do not sleep with strangers
Do not wander down dark alleyways,
Do not skip in a forest of bluebells
Do not have fun, it should not be in your vocabulary
Do not pet a dog, it could turn its head and bite you
Do not pick flowers or wiggle your toes in grass
Do not drink your liver might disagree with you having a tipple
Do not share your thoughts or suggest a book to read or a film to watch
Do not get married you might get cold feet
Do not tell someone you love them and do not close your eyes and sleep.

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