Wednesday, April 01, 2015


It's that time of year. Time flies. I've been wondering if writing a poem a day for one month is beneficial. For me it's important to write and anything that helps to establish that is encouraged, however, I can't help thinking grinding out a poem a day for a month can be counterproductive. A question to ask is: "What am I doing for the other eleven months?"  It's important to write regardless of the month that's in it. Writing should not only be done during a NaPo or NaNo. Enough of that. Here is my first poem of the month.

The streets are strewn
with syllables
vowels vault in mid-air
and I put my ear to the
ground and it tells me,
"Lives can be built
and meaning can be housed
in a brick or in a barn
It can be found in the lines of a foot
or deep in the root of a hair."

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