Thursday, April 09, 2015

8/30, 9/30 Weekend and November

When the weekend creeps in
don't hide behind a ghost
be careful not to stitch
Icarus on your chest
Have a party
that would make
a New Year proud.

November Lasts a Lifetime
That November in that musty railway hotel
when life was covered in stinging nettles
I closed my eyes, to paint a smile,
but my eyes were full of glass.
It was there that I holed up
in a room full of fag burns
and a lime scale sink.
Every night I lay laminated
in the moon.
And beside me, in a locker,
a keepsake rattled, the door
jarred open and the cracks
in the cabinet mirror became visible.
I did not know which side was up
or if I was falling down.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I really like 'November Lasts a Lifetime'. The imagery sticks in my mind, especially eyes full of glass echoed later by the cracks in the cabinet mirror. Also 'laminated in the moon'- I'm trying to imagine what that would look like. And life covered in stinging nettles- I think I know how that feels. Good close to this, too-- deceptively simple language that demands reflection. Well done, Taidgh!