Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mosquito, Banshee, Bloodaxe

They've rolled out the stage outside my window and they've started pumping out Irish music. So it's a tad bit difficult to focus on reading. Through all the racket a contrapuntal poem caught my eye and ear by Tarfia Faizullah's, titled:  Aubade Ending with the Death of a Mosquito

Tarfia Faizullah says of her poem: "This poem is a contrapuntal, which means it can be read three different ways. Musically speaking, a contrapuntal imposes two or more distinct melodies upon each other simultaneously, and in doing so, creates a brand new harmonic relationship."

I'm looking forward to a new literary print journal, Banshee. They're looking for submissions for their first issue. Submissions:1st-31st March

Check out The Poetics of the (Bloodaxe) Archive. You can search for poems by BloodAxe Books dating back to 1978 by word and shapes. Brilliant! If you you're looking for some top quality procrastinating then this is for you. I could spent all day playing with this.

A thought: readers are smart and sometimes writers forget this. If my intelligence is questioned as a reader I tend to fling what I'm reading at the wall. Challenge me. Now I'm off to write!

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