Thursday, February 12, 2015

February Twelve 23:47

I have never used these words in a poem: cult, foreskin, deity, pout, flounder, plank, runt, cowl, wilt, bollox, devout.

Ambiance - a handmade postcard I sent off to a friend today. 

The Disappearance of Murray
Murray is observant. He notices a spider in its web and can pinpoint the exact time it rained on any given day. 

He likes going for walks and he likes having a few pints with friends. He likes small talk and silence. 

One day he notices a man watching him from a distance or more like a shadow of a man. Murray tries to follow him but every time he disappears. 

Murray starts noticing strange things like people walking backwards and a talking dog. 

He goes to the doctor, the one that looks inside one's head. The doctor tells him nothing is wrong. Normal. 

He starts seeing the man or the shadow man as he likes to refer to him more frequently.

One night after a few drinks he leaves the pub and he sees the man. Murray gets a notion to follow him. The man doesn't disappear and Murray follows him through the quiet town and out into the countryside. Murray never takes his eyes off of him. He follows him up into the wild mountains. 

I've been doing a big purge with all my notes and papers. Basically I'm throwing most of my writing out and starting again. I also found a cheque that I had no idea existed. Score! Here are a few lines from my notebooks raw and unedited. 

She spells his name in the sky
And hangs her heart
on a laundry line. 

I have a jaguar 
In my living room
In fact it has no bite 
I have removed its teeth.
If you asked me,
 "when did it move in?"
I would not know. 
And I do not know if it will ever leave
Or if it will change its spots to mirror 
The Milky Way or shine like an oyster
The planets orbit my neck
The moon is a pearl on my chest.

You wear your skin like a gown. 

There is a place
where I live 
with no name 
no shops
nor stations
no crowded markets
no rowdy pubs
and no streets.
They have no pretty little houses
no churches with bells ringing
no schools with pupils
and no cars at all.

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