Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The Poetry Bus, Rubbish and Dreams

I'm looking forward to getting my copy of The Poetry Bus in the post soon. It's nearly on its way! It's a money themed issue and comes complete with a CD of poems and music. I'm also excited because my poem, Love in Sleep will be included in it.

In other news rubbish is dominating my thoughts. Perhaps one of the reasons is that the place that I rent does not come with bins so it's up to me to dispose of my rubbish in whatever way I see fit. Throwing it out the window is not an option as I'm not living in medieval times. What a pity!

The average person throws out 2kg of rubbish on a daily basis. Sweden must import 800,000 tonnes of rubbish a year to power its energy programme. So all this rubbish talk got me thinking a little piece of writing would be in order.

I've also been dreaming a lot. Not only dreaming but dreaming about the same place and going back to the same town with strange houses and peculiar people that keep visiting me in my sleep. Also certain situations are recurring. At times the differences are amusing and at times one little change can result in a domino-effect. So I've also been thinking of writing about this, although, I'm wary about writing about my dreams for some reason as my dreams are not as exciting as I would like. Maybe an observational piece of writing would be a start.

Enough thinking about writing - WRITE!

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Anonymous said...

What a drag about your rubbish problem! Once I started composting my food waste, it was amazing how much less actual trash I produced per week. Of course, in order to compost one needs some space outside to place a compost bin, so it's not a solution for everyone. Although I also have friends who do worm composting and the worm bin needs to stay inside for temperature control.

That sounds like a very interesting situation with your dreams. I would pursue that as far as it goes!