Saturday, October 25, 2014

You are What You Eat

Day Three of the Proverbs Project

You are What You Eat

The French entertainer, Michel Lotito died aged 57. In his lifetime he had eaten bicycles, shopping trolleys televisions and a Cessna 150. One might wonder how such a thing entered his head. It is said that he started eating unusual materials at the age of sixteen, but what made him do it? 

Was he bored and thought, what would a kettle taste like? 

Was it a dare? I dare you to eat a bicycle wheel? 

Was there a lack of money in his household? Were his parents jobless or had they lost their jobs? 

Whatever the reason Michel hit the mothrload in 1978 when he started consuming a Cessna 150. His 'meal' lasted roughly two years. 

During his lifetime Michel ate nearly nine tonnes of metal. His method was to break it into small pieces Then he drank mineral oil followed by large amounts of water while swallowing the metal bits. 

One wonders if he was alive today would he have gone bigger. Perhaps a tank or a fighter jet would be next on his plate. Or perhaps a skyscraper. Why not go further Michel Lotito. Consume a village or a small town. Eat the shops, crunch into the windows and the slate roofs. Eat the schools and the hospitals. Eat asphalt roads and swallow entire airports and planes. Why stop there? Eat entire cities, countries and continients. Open your mouth wide, Michel Lotito, and swallow the world.

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