Saturday, October 25, 2014

Being a Writer all Your Life

The online How Writers Write Fiction being run by the University of Iowa is in full swing. In Session 5, Animating the World, Mahsa Mohebali talks about creating character. I was particularly drawn to what she said at the beginning. She says:

I think the most important thing for a writer is that you know we shouldn't be a writer just for the time we sit at the table and we start to write. It doesn't work. When you want to write you should be a writer all of your life. For example when you take a shower, when you make love, when you are shopping, whatever you do you should be a writer and you should think about... you must think about what you write.

And of course if you want to write a novel and you create a character it would be really helpful if always you think as if the protagonist lives inside you and you do all of the things from the point of view of him or her, how she drives, how she takes a shower, how she cooks, how she... and I know, it makes you crazy, but it's the way that you can really feel the character which you want to make and create.

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