Thursday, May 01, 2014

Mission Accomplished

April is over! Happy May to you all. It has been a productive month. I wrote thirty-one poems and even got one published over on Verbatim Poetry. I also managed to complete a flash fiction story on the side.

I haven't stopped writing just took a little break from blogging to catch my breath and also to give you a little respite from my furious blogging. A big thank you to those of you who followed and supported me during April. I also met and corresponded with some great people (you know who you are), discovered new poets and prompts. To celebrate my thirty poems I decided to do a mashup of all my poems using a selection of lines and words from all the poems that I wrote.

Thirty Days
Under the sign of Saturn 
you visit floating worlds
slip your skin 
into an apartment window,
sip tea with a clutter of skeletons 
and share stories of how your cat 
has legs that stretch like roots 
while it fishes for butterflies 
out of your mouth. You say use your lips 
as paddles to sail home and spot a beacon 
where a sparrow flies into your trust.

You take hold of the sun and lick it 
with a twirl of your tongue.
Beware, hurricanes
are made of glass.
Wear an overcoat in the shower 
share words like lovers 
and listen to a moth from a window.
Remember you have been here before
you have held hope between your fingers
you have inserted a coin into your heart
and written poems on ice cream clouds 
that melted in your mouth. 

It is here you live 
a high-powered mutant,
studying cherry blossoms 
that hover above the sea.
These are your images 
and they hang on hooks.
This is your moon 
and it is a marshmallow. 
These are your memories 
and they burn like stars.

Turn off the TV 
watch birds flutter 
let them nest in your eyebrows
one muscle-twitch at a time.
Your will is against you
you are still life with waterfall 
you are crusted to the corners of my eyes.
You are the sun and you hang high 
in the sky like a stamp.

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