Monday, April 07, 2014

Ten Years 7/30

What will be different in ten years time? Nothing, everything, not much. Fleming Meeks writes about this in his poem titled, Ten Years  up on Radar. There's even an audio version there. He suggests: 'everything will be different'. It got me thinking how things change or maybe don't change at all. Maybe our point of view changes over time and the importance we placed on things seem trivial. So I tried my hand at thinking about the future and went off on a tangent about bees. Go figure.

Ten years from now
we will live like bees in hives
swarm round tables with the buzz of our days
warmth to our hearts. We will raise our glasses
to toast Spring's achievements
and eat til we can eat no more.

We will dance until the sun
peeks up over the horizon
and cup sweetness safe in our mouths.
Our large eyes will be beacons in the sky
and our memories will burn like stars
while a fishes' tail swishes high in a lake full of honey. 


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

This is lovely, especially the second stanza.

Sweet Posy Dreams said...
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Taidgh Lynch said...

It seems like you've been getting some nice warm weather! I'm jealous.

Thanks for your kind comment and glad you enjoyed it. I'm having a good time writing so far. I might not be saying that in a few days time when it normally gets a little tough for me. Fingers crossed.