Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Day One - Trip To the Beach

Trip To the Beach
When dad hears the word sand
his eyes light up like a candle
His eyebrows curl when he hears:
sandcastle and sand dune.
He says it makes his tummy happy
like when he is eating dark chocolate cake.

Mum turns her nose up at sand,
says it can be found everywhere like ants
or cannot be gotten rid of
like grass marks on trousers.

But more than hating sand
she loves the sea. If only
she had stilts like the man at the circus.
or she was small enough to ride
on a sandpiper's back. 
She must, however, walk out
on the tip of her toes to float
like a boat on blue water.

While mum flutters like a feather
over the waves dad uses magic to pull
a bucket and spade out from his sleeves
and together we build a castle with a moat
filled with sharks and a forgotten dungeon.
We imagine a knight fighting
dragons spewing fire
a lot like the colour of the sun
that hangs high in the sky like a stamp.

Day One - The poetry will be rough and at times ugly. Never fear it's Napowrimo. So for 30 days I will write a poem a day. For Day One I decided to use the prompt from the blog 52. Prompt 13 suggests to write an Assay poem. It's when one writes a poem based on one word focusing on 'weight, quality, characteristics and so on of a word'. To make it more challenging I also decided to try a different voice. See if you can guess which word I focused on.

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Ginna FunkWallace said...

Hey! You're doing it too! Good to see you again, friend, and break a leg. <3