Sunday, April 06, 2014

6/30 Chop and Screw

When the Wind Plays a Trick on Us
we are gathering post-its for a bonfire
flies piggyback on our shoulders 
we cradle forests in our arms

We speak of strength wild like a boar
And of courage rusty like a fox 
We spoon freckles into our mouths 
and take large bites of the sun 
We swear bicycles are meant to be flown
not to be cycled or for shattering bones. 

We ride on, stack troubles sky high 
moan under the weight of an elephant 
But how can we survive a storm 
when it arrives without warning 
like a cloud of gas showing up 
at a birthday party announcing: Surprise!

If we speak we speak of love soft as badger's pelage
and honesty: warm days, thick with honey
You say you are a fickle eater so why don't you build 
a house out of broccoli, a garage bricked with parsnips 
and a drive filled with carrots. But you do not listen 
you take sharp knives to my harp, and pluck on my chest, 
burrow inside my sett, and hire a digger to claw out the pain 
that you say resides somewhere inside.

Can you sooth a toothache with Bach or Handel?
Can you click your eyes together 
and say: "There is no place like home."
There is no place like sitting in front 
of the television wrapped up in an ocean,
watching programmes about the trials of life
when outside life is so overwhelming 
that to watch it would make you pin your skin to an owl
But what is there to fear other than ourselves
watch birds flutter let them nest in your eyebrows
let them feed their young and learn 
if the wind is strong enough to carry them upwards.

Day Six is here. I'm on top of things for now. Ginna over on Sometimes I Fall Down has a few chop and screw up the sentences poems so I decided to have a go trying something new. Chop, chop. 


Ginna FunkWallace said...

Two Ns, please; they're phonetically important. Thanks for the nod!

Taidgh Lynch said...

Oops! Fixed! Now what can I hide behind? The idea of chopping and moving sentences around is very handy. A great way to see how images can work on different levels.

Loving your poetry entries. All the best.

Anonymous said...

I like this one a lot, Taidgh, particularly the last stanza.

Taidgh Lynch said...

Thanks Sean for dropping by! I'll definitely revisit this one soon. I like the way it evolved as I wrote it.