Monday, April 21, 2014

20/30 Hurricane

So it's going well. Long may it last! You might have noticed that I was running a bit behind schedule on my 20th and 21st poem. Never fear I'm all caught up, though I do remember writing two poems in one day on two separate occasions.

What has April been teaching me - writing is a habit
                                                         you see results if you stick at it
                                                         it's possible to write everyday, 
                                                         writing does not have to stop when April ends

Today I wrote a poem that was triggered by what I saw on Wikipedia's homepage and that was Hurricane Kiko.  I also used words from a prompt (I didn't keep to the prompt) on 52poetry : river, water, stone, glass, steel, fish, flesh, snow, death, silk, poison, mountain, bridge, sand, hate, happiness, wine, bread, rain, time, youth, sky, milk, tree, field, sun, tea, violence, hair, death, palm, love, coffee, tobacco, wind, age, cotton, palm


Hurricane Silk

How can you protect yourself from
the wind of a hurricane if you are made of glass?
How can you survive on love when
you drink coffee from a water tap and how
can you consume tobacco from a mountain?
Wine will not prolong your death.
Your dog yaps in the palm of your hand,
it tells you the story of youth and of a tree.
Sand collects time and you remember
your mother, and how she used to
brush your cotton hair with steel
and stitch your flesh with silk.
And how she used to spread the table
with bread from fields of happiness.
She fed you fish that fell like rain,
she gave you the sun in a cup of tea.
Milk cannot come from a stone
the sky is a river and you are a bridge.
Leave violence at the door
shake it from your feet.
Hate is not a word in this house.
Poison need not come with age.

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