Monday, April 21, 2014


I managed to delete one of my poems! Thankfully there's backspace on my computer so I was able to salvage it. Day 20 and day 21 are in a bit of a muddle but they are both there. Phew! 

The inspiration for day twenty one comes from the site Poems in Which where the poems published all have to have: poem in which... in the title. Here's my stab at it. 

Poem in Which I Collect Images like a Kleptomaniac

I breathe poems,
reach for words like a starving man.
I swim in shimmering coral,
collect the alphabet in the cup of my hands,
reach for hot kettle images of the Sahara.

I hide behind doors
looking through an open window
where visions collide and memories
jumble like a rubik's cube.

I travel down razor collar bones on a bicycle.
Above the sky is strawberry.

And I drink dry the clouds
and lick the sun with a twirl of my tongue
the ash trees are speckled like a leopard
they converse in whispers.


Toirdealbhach Ó Lionáird said...

Hey Taidgh! The poems are flowing nicely along like the Deenagh. Keep it up!Might you submit "Poem in Which..." to that website?

Taidgh Lynch said...

Thanks for dropping by! The aim is to submit to "Poem in Which..." after a few edits. I think it's a nice idea that differs somewhat to the mountains of journals that exist online. Have a great weekend!