Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Manna (Draft)

Here's a rough draft of Manna

You can find my finished piece here

Manna (Draft number ?)
Around here the sun is yellow like an egg yolk, the sky deep blue, and the ground marble white. I climb out of my bed, with yesterday’s clothes still on and emerge from my frosty apartment window down a long rope ladder. My bed still deep in memory, warm like the inside of a winter coat. When my bare feet touch the cold I sit and shiver on a scarred park bench. Trees thin and branches skeletal. Hatted and gloved I hug a paper cup of steaming coffee. The lungs breath in cold air and pump out warmth. Nearby ducks skate on pond, their feathers fluff up as they quack. The wind whirls and I shake violently on the bench that seats the lonely, the love drunk, and the eternally high. Imagine if I could carry a furnace on my back or wrap up warm under one large electric blanket with a never ending cord. It starts to snow now - white embers from an ancient fire.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting how different it reads in prose form. I can't decide which way I like more! At any rate, it is a fine winter poem.