Sunday, October 27, 2013

Editing, Sloat Revisited and My Mail Art Visits Brainerd

The thesaurus is out and so is the dictionary. A major poetry edit is in full swing this wild Sunday evening. I've also been revisiting Sarah J. Sloat's chapbook: Excuse Me While I Wring This Long Swim Out of My Hair. Her choice of words are wonderful and she manages to build layers upon layers with her brilliant, startling images.

An envelope of mine was exhibited in the Franklin Arts Center | Resident Artists Gallery in Brainerd, US. Here's the proof. I nabbed the photo off their facebook page.


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Carmela said...

Taidgh-- Isn't this an excellent installation design? Glad that you found your piece, I found mine too. Always enjoy the colorful characters in your drawings---

Taidgh Lynch said...

Exhibiting mail art is tricky so the installation design is great! Thanks for the kind comment Carmela and Suus!