Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Whistle Zine

Hello. I've been having a publishing push. Not only have I been trying to get my poetry published but also my art. I submitted some work to Bridgette of  Whistle Zine a while back. You can see a photo here of the preparatory work for the next issue of the zine. You can spot images of my mailart envelopes there. So yes, Bridgette was kind enough to want to publish my work. I should be getting my copy in June at some point. So it's a start, and I'll continue sending out more in the next few weeks. Just need to keep an eye on what I'm sending out and to whom.


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Taidgh Lynch said...

I seem to have gathered quite a bit of momentum when it comes to sending submissions off. I think it comes down to doing a little bit of research to see which publishers suit my style of work rather than how can I change my work to suit a publisher.

Perhaps this realisation is a little late in coming. At least you can say that it finally dawned on me!

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And I understand what you mean about finding those who will like your work vs. changing it so they will like it. It is hard not to fall into this thinking and harder still not to do it again once you have avoided it! At least it has been for me, I learn this lesson over and over. Maybe while mail art is so pleasing to me - there I just send and don't worry.

Best of luck to you, your work deserves it.

Taidgh Lynch said...

Thanks! I think that's the beauty of mail art - there is no set of guidelines it's all about creating something and having fun. At least for me, that's why sometimes submitting poetry or art for something specific can be quite exhausting. Oh, yes and I have to learn that lesson over and over as well! Will I ever learn!

Thanks for dropping by. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was the research that finally caused me to want a break from submitting. It is exhausting, as you say. But without the research, I feel like there is not much point in submitting. The closer you can get to a shared vision with an editor the better chance you have.

Taidgh Lynch said...

True, research is very important. Or better yet become your own editor! Can't wait for my copy of Rain Crows.