Monday, June 03, 2013

Sending Things Out

I'm sending some art to Paper Girl Dublin this week. Who is Paper Girl? Well she's a girl who has a non-commercial art project, where people send art to her and then it's given out on the street to random passer-bys. I'm certain she passes it out on a bicycle. It was initially started in Berlin and now there are Paper Girls all over the world in different cities. There's one in Dublin so I thought I'd send something before the deadline's up and it's a great way to get seen. I may slip some poetry into the envelope as well.

Here's my watercolour that I'm sending titled: I Think I've Got a Chicken on My Head

In other submission news I've sent Theresa Williams some writing for her next issue of The Epistolaruim . This time the theme is Pandora's Box. It's open to anyone who's interested. I use it as a platform for free-writing as sometimes restrictions placed on submissions can be quite heart crushing.  


Anonymous said...

This sounds like fun to participate in and also I'd love to see the actual delivery!

Taidgh Lynch said...

Hi Claudia. I'd love to see the actual delivery too. I can't wait to see where my art will end up. I put my email address on the back of it. So perhaps the person who gets it may respond.