Sunday, May 26, 2013

Drawings, Flickr and Ankles

I've been lamenting what I believe to be the death of flickr at least for me anyway. Really not happy with the new design and to think I was going to purchase a pro account. Thanks be to Jeebus I didn't. It has serious issues with loading time, getting lost through navigation, and buttons that make no sense whatsoever. Just think what nasty things Yahoo will do to Tumblr now.

I've been drawing a lot. Here are two of my most recent ones done on watercolour paper. You can see that they are both quite rough with the pencil lines yet to be rubbed out.

Butterfly Friends

I Think I've got a Chicken on My Head!

The sun is shining and yet I'm confined to the house, due to my ankle acting up. It has been sore for sometime but it wasn't a problem. I must have made it worse while playing soccer on Wednesday. I put some pressure on it last night and the pain. So it's a race against time for it to heal somewhat by tomorrow morning when I have to be at work. It would be nice to take a few days off but that's not possible.  Even if I was terribly ill, they'd probably wheel me in on some sort of contraption to work for my sins. So plenty of tea, classical music, and reading for today. That's not bad at all.

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