Sunday, April 07, 2013

Scuba Dive in Sugar Coated Stars

Scuba Dive in Stars
Every morning I wear scuba gear
to breakfast and feed rich on clouds.
I sit and watch shadows
deep sea dive
plunge into emerald reef
swim in white pool of stars.

Sugar Coated
White clouds melt sweet on tongue
and the wind whispers soft a song.
The old oak creaks and waves its arms
green hills blossom bells bright purple gloves.  

You are a silver gazelle.
I am a fiery impala. 
And we are magnificent, our lives
sparkle like diamonds.
In the orange night
high up in garden palaces
we eat sardines and sip schnapps .
We talk like loud fighter planes
while the world watches without ears
we imagine life or what it may have been
out in endless plains, the dessert sun turns black.


Anonymous said...

I really like the last four lines in Wildlife. The sound of talking like fighter planes is striking...I heard it right away, and yet the next line is powerful in its negation of the energy of this way of talking, by saying how the world simply watches and doesn't hear. It makes me think of conversations I have that seem of utmost importance to me and the one I am talking with, and yet at the same time also seem to be of little significance to other people around me.

Taidgh Lynch said...

Thanks Sean. Great comment. I tried to explain how I feel at times. A fighter plane entered my head and I liked the image. It described perhaps the mood I'm in at times or what I think is of utmost importance and others around see it as trite.