Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Boy and the Plain - Nic Sebastian

Here's a poem from Nic Sebastian's poetry book Dark And Like A Web She offers her poetry in different formats.

The Boy and the Plain

in a land of pouring cloud
a boy rides alone
over a wide plain
and finds one tree 
lying spread-eagled
on pricking grass beneath it
he feels the thick soil
humming deeply 
he remembers
a white stone monastery
on the edge of a chasm
under black mountains
and wheeling falcon 
he remembers gleaming marshes
lit by dead suns
watched over by headless
stone lions 
I am the golden snake
gliding into you, my inside
is wider by far
than my outside 
eyes closed
he feeds this perfect thought
slowly into the brown earth
his horse shifts restlessly
beneath the tree


Manisha said...

I really really liked this! Love the way you haven't used any punctuations yet I get the flow!

Taidgh Lynch said...

Great to hear Manisha. That's something I love too about the poem. If you check out the links you can find more of Nic's poetry. I can't wait to start NaPoWriMo. Wishing you luck if you're doing it too!