Sunday, March 17, 2013

Show Me Your Tongue

The latest issue of Tongue is out. It is a collection of poetry, translations and visual art. I am particularly fond of Gemma Gorga's poetry.
Here's what the editor had to say:

As we began to shape this second issue from our layovers in Johannesburg, Brooklyn, and Bangkok, the concept of translation continued to drift in and out of our correspondence with each other and with the writers and artists whose work appears in these pages. Maybe we harbour some kind of trust in the idea of translation, however abstract? Maybe it is the natural, inclusive, and expansive process that we admire? 

Or maybe it’s the transformations themselves, the mutations from one language into the next and back? Maybe we are ever-taken by those moments of re-creation which gently reverse–without demand or law–our sense that the world should express itself in our terms?

Who knows. But if you are familiar with Tongue, you know that we resist the religion of having answers; we revel, instead, in poems and art at ease with a kind of ambivalent vulnerability.

(taken from the Tongue website) 


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