Saturday, March 16, 2013

Let Words Take Root and Kiss the Stone

I subscribe to a lot of literary journals namely Irish ones. It has recently come to light that I have subscribed to too many journals. While I like to support these publishers who mostly operate on tight budgets I realise that I also need to support myself.

Here's my confession: I buy a lot of books but I don't read them. I might like the idea of reading them or I convince myself that I will get around to reading them all one day and the books continue to pile up. Goodreads has helped me to catalouge what I have and what I read, but, another confession, I have developed this idea that once a book is read I can tick off a book and continue on to the next. I'll have you know reading is not about ticking off boxes.

So I am going to step back a little, and take my time, letting the words sink in. Forget my one hundred book challenge for this year.

Reading and writing come hand in hand. I would not be able to write poetry if I didn't read other writers' work. Not that plagiarism (such a dirty word) is involved. Reading builds creativity and infuses one with ideas.

So April is on the way. Thirty poems in thirty days or NaPoWriMo Quite a cringe worthy name which derives from the all terrifying idea of NaNoWriMo. The poetry writing month is a lot less scary and more manageable for me, though I could be proven wrong this time round. It was quite successful the last time and I am going over some of those rough edits a year later. So a heads up to anyone following my blog April should be a busy blog month here. Rough and ready poetry will be an understatement. Maybe some art thrown in too.

At my writers' group I bring poetry that I am happy with. I would not read it otherwise. People in the group don't have much to add. They like it. Some bring in rough first drafts. No problem there as it is a great way to learn and pick other writers' minds to see how one can improve. That is the purpose of such a group. But, yes there is always a but in this writers' group when writers' say: "I don't need to edit." or "I am only going to take it as far as a first draft" or "I am happy with it. I don't need your opinion." I die a slow death whenever I hear this. So I took a rough draft down one day to show a few people that yes my poetry is very rough when I get the bones of it. I am not sure whether I got the response I was hoping for. Perhaps I came across as a prick. But what I wanted to say was, writing is hard work especially when we are challenging oursevelves to improve. Why shrug off the edits or that bit of work to improve the piece. It is that extra bit of sweat and tears that will, I hope, improve things. But I guess you can say if you have to tell someone that then...

I am going to keep this writing up.

I love to draw and write sometimes the two merge into one and I get an idea for a story and I draw it or I get an idea for a picture and I write it. I like to send some of my writings and drawings in the post. The internet can be such a bore at times, envelopes and letters a lot more fun and personal. That being said it is always nice to see some of my post on the net! Here's something I sent to DVS and he was great to review it.
Here's the link

News just in: I kissed the Blarney Stone. I thought it was something that only Americans did, but apparently not. I was there on a fabulous day I climbed the steps to the top of Blarney Castle. I thought I might as well.

It was at quite a height so for a few people it is scary and a test of bravery. No point thinking about it, just do it. I think the photograph may explain the length of this post.

I then went to the Poison Garden. And yes I found a sign marked Marijuana, where the plant should have been. I remarked on its absence.

So the secret is out: I kissed the Blarney Stone. I do hope those elusive Cork lads didn't wee on it before my turn came up.


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

I think my daughter refused to kiss the stone when she was there -- too dirty, she thought! As for books, I try not to buy too many. I get books from the library. If I find an author I really love or a book I will want to reread, then I buy.

Taidgh Lynch said...

Hi Sweet Posy. I'm going to have to get your name at some point. Unless you have reason not to give it :) Our library here is very small so we don't have a good catalogue of books. That is one of the reasons why I buy. As for the dirty stone, I agree with your daughter, it was quite dirty. But I was assured that it was cleaned regularly. What I liked about Blarney was the scenery especially the forest and the lake and not so much the stone. I am going to have discuss seafood chowder with you one day. Enjoyed the post.

Anonymous said...

I agree the internet can be a serious bore. I just took a weeklong vacation from it (and everything else, really) while I lived in the mountain forest of western Puerto Rico. I can't say I'm that pleased to be back but what can you do...

This is quite the informative post, by the way. Very nice write-up and review of your zine and mail art, too. Can't wait to see what April yields...

Taidgh Lynch said...

Hi Sean. Welcome back! Maybe you don't want to be welcomed back, Puerto Rico sounds more exotic and attractive to the senses I'm sure.

Thanks for your kind comment. I've seemed to have hit some form of late with posting on my blog. I did enjoy being a bit more informative than I usually am.

I've once again been submitting some of my poems to a few journals. I think just getting back into the swing of sending things off helps develop some sort of rhythm. And of course it makes me realise the importance of editing.

I'm looking forward to April!