Thursday, March 14, 2013

Discovered Poem - Saffron Finches

Here's a poem that I discovered on the brilliant poetry blog: Peony Moon

Saffron Finches 

by Marilyn Kallet

So that’s what they are, news
from the Caribbean.
If we call them wild canaries,
they don’t care. They bob,
lively corks untroubled
by mad love or mortality.
They have their own
bulldozers chomping
trees, vacuums sucking up rushes.
Still they don’t live like humans,
bickering and tormenting one another.
Osama means nothing to them.
With a whistle, they float
away from the thrum of
lawnmowers working the monster
hotels. Like poets they dream
of warbling,
strong currents of air.

from The Love That Moves Me (Black Widow Press, 2013).

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