Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Morning

I've been busy sending off letters and mail art with Xmas fast approaching. Forget the tree, decorations, or presents the holidays are a great time to catch up on letter writing and mail art. Of course today is Monday - writers' club, which I missed out on last week and which I hope to go to tonight. My opinion of writers' has changed since going to the weekly meeting and I thought why not reverse my criticism and think how I'm as a writer.

So I stood back, and put aside any emotional attachment I might have had towards my poetry 'children' so to speak. This is what I came up with during my introspection:

Read more. I don't read enough. Get immersed in poetry, fiction, non-fiction -anything! Well I don't know about anything. I'll stay away from Mills and Boon, thank you.

Make a note of what I like. If I like a phrase, sentence, paragraph, or an author make a note of it. Be aware of likes and even dislikes so you can study it and see what works well or doesn't work at all.

Be familiar with my voice, get to know it, listen to the sound of it and develop it. Record it.

Listen to other poets recordings. How do they do it? 

Keep up-to-date with what's happening in the literary world. At least be somewhat knowledgeable.

Limit words. Use the dictionary and thesaurus more.

Keeping that in mind I wrote a poem yesterday. Still not sure of the structure. A work in progress. Here it is: 

We had reached the end of words
two hands bade farewell
not yet light
and I remained on the edge.


Anonymous said...

You should join Goodreads. It's fun!

Taidgh Lynch said...

I'm a member been one for sometime. I've got to add you as a friend. See you on Goodreads