Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Saturday

So I had a shit night. I was walking home from the pub and I saw my friend lying in the middle of the road. He was bleeding. I asked him was he okay and could he move. He said he was okay and he asked me to move him so I did, to the side of the road.

Unfortunately for me I was then ambushed by five lads, because apparently I was the one responsible. Dear god, what do you in such a situation? They were swinging their fists. I realised I had to fight and so I fought. I didn't want it but they were only asking for it. I can give grief and I did, I lashed at them, gave them a proper few punches and they the same. At the end of the night I gave up on my friend and I went home; bleeding from my eye. What I got from the night was: leave your friends in the middle of the road, they can take care of themselves.


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Oh my goodness, this sounds terrible!

Anonymous said...

Whoa...that's rough. Glad you're okay. I've made it even simpler and generally just stay in my house, especially when drinking.

Taidgh Lynch said...

Yes I think the plan is to stay at home. I must remember that.