Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Eavesdropping and Art

It's time to get this blog up and running. As you can see things have been very quiet here. I blame it on my growing irritation with the internet. Actually I've been spending less time on the net these days. I still continue to visit certain sites and blogs that remain a source of inspiration - like the lost gander .

I've been occupying my time in other ways like drawing, going on walks in the park, reading and listening in on conversations. I find listening to people's conversations in 'real' time rather than on social media sites more entertaining and educational.

I like to pick a quiet spot in a café or on a bench in town and listen in on conversations. I don't think there's anything wrong with eavesdropping. Do you? Little conversations and interactions can surprise like the two elderly women who were sharing poems while they had tea and dessert. I was just outside earshot when they were reading their poems to each other out loud but I could just about make out a word or two now and then. What I did hear was the rhythm of the poem and the rise and fall of their voices. It was quite a nice experience over the clattering of cups and the chattering of customers in the café.

I've also discovered new places to visit, books to read and interesting facts about bull dogs due to eavesdropping.

Here's some mail art:


Anonymous said...

Hello Taidgh. I'm glad that you find my site worthy of your ever-shrinking time on the web. I can understand your frustration. If I didn't work in front of a computer screen all day I'm sure I would not be surfing around nearly as much. When I get home I often stay away from the computer. Unfortunately it's where I do most of my writing. I should probably just write everything out longhand first.

I love eavesdropping. It's a cherished pastime and often provides inspiration for writing. I'm always jotting down things I hear people say into my little notebook.

Taidgh Lynch said...

Hi Sean, I cherish eavesdropping too, and it helps me a lot with my writing. Sometimes something someone said could trigger a line for a poem or an idea. It can also just inspire me to put pen to paper.

I'm trying to re-think my use of net at the moment it can be great craic but a bloody time waster! Maybe I should start making a list of sites with a purpose.