Sunday, July 15, 2012

Even Aliens Like Cats

I was thinking about cats one night and aliens. Surely aliens like cats or at least some of them do. I'm certain they would have one resting on their arm chair if they had one. So a drawing was in order, actually quite a few drawings were in order.

Positive and Negative

We are all animals

And the truth will set you free

The odd one out and Sasha the alien with her cat, Paul

Plants and planets

A few things I'm not very fond of:

People cycling against traffic whilst I'm approaching them on my bike. This really unnerves me.


Pedestrians who think they are the only ones on the footpath.

Pedestrians who get into a parked car, swing the door wide open as you (a fellow pedestrian) nearly bolts over the door

Magpies killing small birds just because they can.


Anonymous said...

Bike Snob NYC dubbed those contrary-riding cyclists "bike salmon." I think it's a fitting name.

Taidgh Lynch said...

Sounds like an appropriate name for them. There's probably a name for every type of poor cycling.