Sunday, July 15, 2012

Banango Street

I've been neglecting this blog as I've been busy. Any spare time I get I've been writing and reading.  I go to Duotrope to discover new sites and writers. Every now and then I manage to gleam some gems so I was happy to discover some quality reading on Banango Street. Their first issue contains poetry and short prose.

I was taken by the clarity and tone of the writers. I like this poem by Walter Mackey:

i want to do a bunch of things in life but i will probably never do them because i feel more like lying in bed forever
by Walter Mackey

i want to sit outside in the middle of winter wearing nothing but american apparel underwear and wait for the sky to turn black
i want to perform the heimlich maneuver on a small animal while screaming
i want to burn every article of clothing i own and cover my body in the ashes
i want to throw vanilla pudding at the ceiling fan while listening to the entire enya discography
i want to call 911 and say ‘bingo’ and then leave the phone unattended
i want to inject glow-in-the-dark liquid into my veins and get lost in a hedge maze
i want to love you but you like the band ‘wolfmother’ so i can’t


Justin Carter said...

hi hi

i am the editor of banango street & i am so so so so happy you enjoyed our first issue

justin carter

Taidgh Lynch said...

Thanks Justin. I really did enjoy it so I had to blog about it. Nice to see you found my little post. Take care!