Saturday, June 30, 2012

Price of Postage enough to Pee ones Pants

It's confirmed - there is a conspiracy against us poor Europeans when it comes to the price of postage. Imagine this you want to buy a book for $6.95. Cheap enough you say. Surely it wouldn't cost much in postage. Wrong my friend. Sure slap $35.00 on it for postage coming to a grand total of $41.95. The price is enough to choke on. Sure I'll buy it.

Of course not all people are like this. There are some nice individuals out there who charge next to nothing on postage that even I feel guilty though not to the point of sending them out $30+ for postage.


wide-eyed-tree said...

You've won my give-away!
Please send me your address to wideeyedtree{at} that I can send you the stationery :)

Taidgh Lynch said...


That's mighty good news! An email is on its way. I can't wait to get your wonderful stationary ;)

wide-eyed-tree said...

Here we had some postage change in May last year. Prices are crazy now. It really ruins a lot of online shops!

Taidgh Lynch said...

The price of postage for the most part is out of the control of the seller. And a lot of small online shops suffer because of the mad price changes. It's a real shame.