Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thoughts on Cycling and Mail Art

This week was cycle week. It seems like the men in suits are coming up with all sorts of days and ingenious ways to keep people entertained and spending money. A few things to ponder if you're a cyclist:

Cycle lanes can stop abruptly. Just when you thought there was one it disappears. They can also reappear in the middle of the road and exist in unusual places, on footpaths and on by-passes.

Roundabouts are a nightmare.

Drivers will try to bully you off the road and succeed a lot of the time.

Motorists get quite amorous on the roads and cyclists may think themselves 'lucky' when a vehicle attempts to 'kiss' them. Think again.

Most people don't understand hand signals. When you signal to turn motorists and pedestrians will most likely choose the very route you are taking.

Pedestrians aren't to be underestimated they can jump off footpaths and run onto the road as if possessed and without warning. When you narrowly avoid them it's the cyclist's fault.

While moving cars can be referred to as the enemy parked cars aren't to be ignored. A parked car on a cycle lane can cause more trouble then joy. Also passengers opening their doors onto oncoming traffic can cause mayhem since the action of opening the door can be a fast 'no thought gone into it' action. The cyclist has very little time to react. The cyclist is hit with a split-second decision: either sail over the car door or swerve and take the chance getting hit by the vehicle behind. Not much of a choice.

Motorists like being in front of you.  Even if there's a traffic light ahead they will overtake you then abruptly brake in front of you at the lights.

Motorists like being behind you.

People feel entitled to tell a cyclist what's on their mind.

Wear bright clothing and of course in the dark light up. However, it's best to conclude that cyclists don't exist. Treat the roads like you don't exist and you'll arrive alive.

And now for some mail art:

Earth Day Art

Below Lower Main Street


Anonymous said...

Pedestrians...ugh! Don't even get me started. They are sometimes worse than the motorists. It disheartens me to hear that the situation over there is just as bad as it is here. Somehow I imagined your motorists as being slightly more considerate to cyclists, but I guess it's a universal problem.

Taidgh Lynch said...

While we have similar problems in Ireland with motorists I think the drivers here are more considerate to cyclists. At the moment a lot of the locals are gearing up for a cycle so there are a lot of cyclists out on the road and drivers are beginning to get sick of us.

Motorists here are very kind to pedestrians - too kind I think.