Monday, May 28, 2012


Summer is here. Going from a coat and hat to a t-shirt and shorts was quite a shock but I think I'm over the initial panic. I envision wearing the coat again in the next few days. 

I've been contemplating getting rid of the internet, at least my connection. It's fecking about with my time, creativity and motivation. Could the solution be to hire someone to check my gmail account every five minutes and condense the web for me in ten handy links? Perhaps if I get rid of my over-dependence on the net I could finish off Cloud Monkey #2, read actual books, write more poetry, and watch light filter through a tall green forest.

One thing I've not given up on is mail art. I love drawing and sending mail. It's a great way to correspond, and a great way to brighten up the post. I also send cards. You'll see the card here is of Doctor Who, and I imagined him being a cat. So the doctor is on the prowl. Of course I couldn't forget a pair of converse shoes.  Here's my art:

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birds fly said...'s been in the 90s here for the past few days (Fahrenheit, that is...low to mid 30s Celsius). Summer in the this city is horrid; it's just one big heat island of asphalt and concrete.

I agree about the Internet. I don't use it much during the week when I'm home but it's right there in my face all day at work. I wish someone would just disconnect it so I wouldn't get so distracted. As for the weekend, I've been trying to keep busy out of the house so as not to get sucked into spending too much time online. It's an ongoing battle.

Sadly, your postcard has yet to arrive. I can't help but think the worst at this point since it's been so long. It's times like these that I wish I hadn't closed my post office box. I suspect the problem is a local one, as I never had trouble with mail not being delivered to my old box. I have only been to my current post office once and it did not inspire much confidence. In fact, it was downright frightening and I vowed to never go back if I can help it. Guess we'll just have to chalk this one up as a loss.