Monday, April 30, 2012

The Yellow Rake and Bam - All Done!

Here's a pic of the excellent Yellow Rake #28 by Brian Polk, which I got in the post today and on the envelope was written a cryptic remark: "I worship the Cloud Monkey thanks to you and your pen." This of course refers to my zine but as Brian pointed out it was meant to confuse letter carriers on both sides of the Atlantic. I hope his plan succeeded. Brian also wrote me a nice letter, sent a sticker and a pin number for something. I haven't figured it out yet.

Now to finish off my poetry writing for this month. Whew! Thirty poems in a month great going to me!

Barry's Tea
There's magic in tea,
a cuppa creates golden memories,
tea reminds us of a moment.
Steaming pots of tea on a cold rainy winter’s night
brings two people together reminds them of the moment 
when they used to dance in raincoats and boots,
their image reflected in a moonlit puddle.

Tea Reminds Her of a Face
When Jane gets homesick she sups a cuppa and from her hotel window on a hot sticky night she watches people on their way home and imagines each face belonging to someone she loves.

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