Monday, April 23, 2012

News, Pics and Poems 18 and 19

I've got news for you - Ilk's third issue is out and some fine writing can be found in its digital pages. Check it out here. I fancied Doug Paul Case's poetry and liked how a lion fits quite snug in both poems. Also Guernica has a new issue out as well. I enjoy this online magazine as it covers art and politics quite nicely with a lot of well written poetry on display.

With all this talk on poetry I thought I'd share two poems of mine with you.

Student Days
I've been eating spaghetti
bolognese for days and I've
been dashing off to work
dragging an empty stomach that
gargles and burns. It reminds me
of the time I was in college existing
on beans on toast and microwaved
chicken curry. I would wake with
a metallic taste in my mouth and
twirl my tongue round and round
and wonder where the sun was and
what its disappearance meant.

I see your future from where
I sit and it's rosy and bright.
Fingers brush like stems and
trace lines on hands and grow
large, blossoming out of the furrow
of your brow and buttercups
melt under chin. And I spy white
cotton clouds a mile off, the sun
rests in your eyes and I realise
your dreams are my dreams and
that they cannot be taken away from you.

Yesterday I went for a cycle around Ross Castle, the Copper mines and Grosvenor's Rock. It was a beautiful day and the sky was unusually blue so I took a few pictures.

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