Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's Bathtime!

VOL9.1BathHouse Vol 9.1 is out and it features one of my favourite comics poets Bianca Stone. I quite enjoyed David Buuk's poetry videos. Click here to visit.

This is what they say about the issue:

Grindhouse to Gurlesque Feature
The pieces featured in issue 9.1 triangulate correspondences gradual between medias condensed across form line by line, webbed through and globular, bullet casings from the furthest ream, expanded and contracting. We have the best in gurlesque, the newest Fence Books author, the sharpest of the sharp, brilliant upcomers like Patrick Samuel, a diseased conglomerate of hyper-burlesque, digital and willing to harm, all framed by Bianca Stone’s (recently published by the legendary New Directions in collaboration with Anne Carson) beautiful images.

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