Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day! and Poems 15-17

Happy Earth Day!  I made this card for Earth Day. These mountains sure are characters. I'm still playing catch up with this poem a day business and I realised that there's no point in taking it too seriously. The main point is to write. Here are three poems:

Only A Horse
You ask, did you see that horse they put down on TV
the other day? I shake my head, wonder what route the
conversation will take and if there's any purpose in talking
about a horse and what a horse means and the language
and metaphors that will be plucked from the sky like apples.

Friendly Advice
The fireman removed me from my disaster,
said I should not be left alone with only
my thoughts for company. Who knew what I would do
shacked up with myself, me or I as house mates,
and alone on dark nights with only matches and a lighter.

Rent Due
Today I dragged my body out of bed
and I tried to play catch up with
my bones. When the phone rang I was
up to my neck in bills and I picked
it up and heard a tornado far away.
It reminded me that the electricity
would be cut off, that I only had
ten Euros in my pocket and the
mortgage was in arrears for the
twelfth time in a year. My head
ached with worry and I looked
outside the window and saw a robin.
I wondered what he thought at that
precise moment, if he was making
himself sick with worry and if he was
keeping abreast of the latest developments
in the economic climate. How would
he pay his rent or find money to pay
his mortgage?

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