Friday, April 06, 2012

First Lift Here - 6

I remember the package you sent, wrapped in shiny sun paper and a heart-red bow.
I could not hold down joy. I grabbed a knife and slit it open.
Blood bucketed out and I was left with wings and the entrails of a nightingale.

I cried and with a voice full of glass I broke the news to you
and said I am not violent. I could not hurt anything as beautiful as you.
I could not love if I was shooting sparrows from the stars or
stuffing onions and sage down a warbler's throat.

You did not rebuke. You said you'd send another.
You left instructions, said: be careful, put knife aside,
contain murderous thoughts, first lift at designated spot, careful do not tear.

Then take songbird slowly out. Listen to it sing softly for hours.

I wrote First Lift Here on a bit of cardboard to begin with. You'll see that I didn't come up with the title. Sometimes typing out the first draft of the poem on a word document stifles creativity and I lose some of the interaction that I get when I have a pen and paper. So I like doing it this way rough first as it makes my mind a bit more active and forces me to think a little more. You'll see in the photo that my editing is a little mad and all over the place.


Anonymous said...

I like how you found this title. I think it's fun finding titles in places other than one's own mind. Sometimes they end up even more fitting than if you'd spent hours trying to think up just the right one.

Taidgh Lynch said...

I concur! I love finding titles that I don't have to find with my mind. Sometimes coming up with a title is a real struggle so I was quite the happy camper when I found this bit of cardboard with a possible title. It seemed fitting that a poem would follow.